chomeikan, located in front of motoyu onsen izumi yakuyu, is a directly managed ryokan.the three-story wooden facility is 100 years old.

the calm atmosphere of the meiji taisho era and the wooden spiral staircase with a presence are impressive.

if this hotel, which has many years of experience as an inn for hot spring cures,
helps customers on their journeys, it is of all.

full view of yunohana and izumi medicinal bath
chomeikan, a 100-year-old touji recreation inn
onsenzu town is a town of hot springs and harbors, and it has a history of prospering as a loading port for iwami ginzan (ota city, onsenzu town, nima town), which was one of the largest silver production destinations. the scenery of old-fashioned inns and wealthy merchant residences retains the atmosphere of the meiji and taisho eras.
chomeikan is a three-story wooden building in a hot spring town that tells the history of the temple. the building has a history of about 100 years. in the center of the inn, there is a wooden spiral staircase with a strong presence. the room is also calm and you can spend a relaxing time in the atmosphere of the early showa era. the view from the 3rd floor window is also good, and you can overlook the outdoor bath “izumirakuyu” of chomeikan.
spiral staircase
it is convenient to stay at the hotel for hot spring cure and recreation in hot spring tsu. we also provide bathing guidance for those who are recuperating hot springs, so please feel free to ask us anytime if you do not understand.
in addition, please take a walk on the beautiful beach of hot spring tsu, leisure, sports, and sightseeing in the suburbs. long-term stays in groups are also welcome. it has been very well received for small groups, families, elderly people’s associations, women’s associations, etc.
chomeikan is a reliable ryokan that anyone can stay with peace of mind. we look forward to welcoming you with the delicious local sake of onsenzu, fresh seafood, and the delicious cuisine of our hotel made with mountain products.
information on accommodation
room rate
1-2 nights
8,640 yen 10,800 yen
※1,080 yen increase for one person
stay-type accommodation
3 nights or more
・ 1 night with 2 meals 7,560 yen
※1,080 yen increase for 1 person
break fee up to 2 people … 3,240 yen
・ increase by 1,080 yen per person for 3 people or more
capacity 30 people
number of rooms japanese-style room ×8
check in/out ・15:00/9:30
parking lot 15 units
Chomeikan Contact
TEL.0855-65-2052 fax.0855-65-3554
699-2501 Shimane Onsenzu-cho Onsentsu

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