Motoyu onsen

motoyu onsen is a long-established store that can be said to be a hot spring tsu village grass, and has a long history of about 1,300 years.“there is a raw hot spring in the bathtub that does not touch the source or touch the hot water.”

distance from the source is only 2 to 3 meters. please rest your mind and body in a real natural hot spring full of medicinal baths.

motoyu onsen discovered discovery

of motoyu onsen it is said that the origin of the discovery of the hot spring was that before 1300 years ago, a traveling monk found a raccoon dog that soaked in hot water and cured the wound.

even now, there is a cave called “tanuki-no-ike” on the cliff of the back mountain of onkoji temple.
motoyu onsen is a venerable hot spring that has created a reputation as a hot spring resort to this day, and even now, it does not stand for bathing guests because of its high medicinal properties.

izumi yakuyu bathhouse where you can see the proof of hot spring “yunohana” containing rich ingredients
permission of the environment agency and the ministry of transport
the hot water is not heated with this natural spring water, and the source is used as it is. it is a “salt spring” around 50 degrees celsius of cloudy color, and the bathtub is divided into three, and it is hot hot water, lukewarm water, and sitting water. the hot water overflows like spilling out of the bathtub, and the helix of the bathtub forms a unique color and shape like a stalactite with many years of sediment (yunohana), giving a long history.
there is also a drinking fountain cup, and drinking is effective for diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, heartburn, etc.
benefits of hot springs
bath indications
rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (especially low back pain), neuralgia, especially sacral neuralgia, neuritis, wounds, gout, urine oxygen, chronic skin diseases
inhalation therapy indication
chronic bronchial catarrh, throat catarrhal
indications for drinking
chronic gastric catarrh (especially gastroacychotic symptoms), gastrointestinal atony, flaccid constipation (for drinking in hot springs by cooling), anemia, hypertrophy, adenopathy, adenopathy
for drinking, hypergastric acidity, especially drinking cold salt springs is contraindicated
, gastric ulcers or duodenal ulcers
, nephritis nephrotics, and other patients with renal edema
and generally edema
* there are many cases where spinal cord pain caused by gastrointestinal disease, gynecological diseases in general, neuralgia, diabetes, etc. has been reduced, and there are many cases where mood has become exhilarating. in addition, we have left many examples as a hot spring of children’s treasures.
* the number of people who use it for medical treatment, recreation, and health promotion such as occupational diseases of the nervous system such as whiplaxism due to traffic accidents, key punchers, typists, fatigue recovery of automobile drivers, etc. is increasing. especially, the treatment of the occupational disease of whiplaxism and the nervous system is seen.
* appropriate bathing guidance and consultation based on empirical facts of motoyu onsen will be provided.
a dressing room
[characteristics of motoyu onsen]
source temperature 49.4 degrees celsius
bathtub temperature ・ there are two tanks of 44 to 46 degrees celsius 40 to 42 degrees celsius.
hot spring condition colorless and transparent, tasteless, odorless
bath hot spring state ・ colorless and transparent when light brown, tasteless, odorless
spring quality ・ soil salt spring (it is a salt spring containing a large amount of relaxation, isochry, high hot spring especially alkali metal)
brown bathhouse ・some of the components of the hot spring that went out to the ground touch the air and oxidize, and it is light brown brown, and this is attached to the edge of the bathtub and the bathhouse, etc. like the stalactites of the cave, it accumulates, and there are places where the shape of mini sedimentary rock is presented depending on the place. the bathhouse as a whole is covered with a brown color with iron.

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